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9 Simple Tips For Styling Your Kitchen Counters

9 Simple Tips For Styling Your Kitchen Counters


My all time top post is 3 Simple Tips For Styling Your Kitchen Island and since you guys have given it so much love I thought I would come back with a post on 9 Simple Tips for Styling Your Kitchen Counters. Everyone may not have an island but most of us have kitchen counters so I hope this post is useful in helping you to get those kitchen counters styled up pretty!

If you missed it, you can get caught up HERE on my post on styling the kitchen island.

There are actually two components to this design dilemma therefore I’ve broken this post down into two groups of tips. The first group is some ideas for items that you will want to use to style your kitchen counters and the second group will be a few simple tips on the details or method of how you will style your accessories on your counters. Of course this is not an exhaustive list but is a list of most of the items I like to use to style my own countertops with.

Make sense? Ok great! Let’s move on with our 9 Simple Tips For Styling The Kitchen Counters (affiliate links used in this post)…

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In design I love using items for a dual purpose and/or for reasons they weren’t meant for. In the 1st photo below I used a flower pot for a utensil holder and in the second photo I used a vase for a utensil holder. Both work great for my intended purpose and both add color, texture, and character to my counter tops.

This design tip may be a bit over used but, if it’s true anywhere it’s truest in the kitchen! This can be a pretty way to display essentials that you want to leave out all of the time for convenience but still want them to look pretty and like they belong in the space without cluttering up your countertops.

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